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Sick and tired of being told “it’s just a virus” when you fully well know it’s more than that? Or of being treated like a “crazy person” who is making up a health condition for your child, or yourself?

Our site is on a mission to help educate, guide, and support parents and individuals seeking a diagnosis for their child’s, or their own, unknown medical health condition.

We will empower you with resources, support, tools  and some organization to help you reach for a diagnosis. We are here to help you get on a path to get a diagnosis and receive the answers your child, or yourself, needs. We offer a thorough, organized approach you can do on your own, or if you need some extra assistance, you can just ask.

Our Story

Bryant-21We have been there! I personally suffered for seven years, including hospital visits and loads of doctor appointments, to continually be turned away with no answers. I started over again when my then 8-month old son showed signs of a periodic fever condition, PFAPA. I followed clear steps, and used specific tools to find both of us a diagnosis and help, and I will teach you how to do the same.