What We Are All About


Sick and tired of hearing “it’s just a virus” when you fully well know it’s more than that? Or being treated like you are making up a health condition for your child, or yourself?

Our site is on a mission to help educate, guide, and support parents and individuals seeking a diagnosis for their child’s, or their own, unknown medical health condition.

I have been there. I suffered for seven years, including hospital visits and loads of doctor appointments. I was continually turned away with no answers. I followed a clear path and utilized tools that got me a diagnosis and treatment. I started over again when my then 8-month old son showed signs of a periodic fever condition, PFAPA. I followed the same steps, and used the same tools, to find him a diagnosis and help, and I will teach you how to do the same.

This site is designed to help you understand you are not crazy, and you are not alone. Many of our children have non-standard conditions. They are truly unique and special. They require a special route to get the help they need. They require doctors who will listen and specialized treatment and control of their condition. We want to empower you to get on a path to achieve a diagnosis from a physician. We will provide you with tools to complete steps to get an answer. These tools will help you manage your child’s healthcare along the way. We will help you do exactly what we did, get on the path to the answer to the “unknown” and get the help you need.

What to expect from this site:
• My family’s successes and struggles in searching for medical answers. We are offering support systems for you to meet, talk, chat and read online about other families and people going through what you are. I will also share my personal journey to get a lupus diagnosis.
• A clear defined path to get a diagnosis and find an answer.
• Tools to keep you organized and on a path to get a diagnosis.
• Tools and steps to help you maintain your child’s health records and information.
• Tools to help you track continued care and treatment of your child’s condition.
• Information, research, and resources to learn basic health information, or research for doctor appointments.

Sound like what you need? Does that make you sigh in relief? Download our FREE tool that will get you started to get organized and start your path to an answer.

What you will not find here:
• The diagnosis of your child’s, or your, condition.
• Medical advice about how to treat your child.

You have been searching for an answer, likely online, with no answer in site. You are tired, frustrated and feeling alone. Take this opportunity to connect with us here. See what we did, and I bet it will help you move toward an answer. You can always opt out if you aren’t finding the tools useful.

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Why Trust Us? Our Founder’s Background
Kate Bryant is a health educator. She has an MSEd and BS in Health Education. She has Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (lupus), and her 5-year-old son has PFAPA (Periodic Fever, Aphthous Stomatitis, Pharyngitis, Cervical Adenitis). She has helped numerous families and people follow a path to get a diagnosis for their health conditions.

Note: The information, education and tools provided on this website are not a substitute for medical advice or treatment, and the It’s Not Just a Virus team recommends consultation with your doctor or health care professional. This site does not promote or claim to provide, any type of medical advice, cures, or diagnosis for medical conditions. You should always consult a doctor for medical advice, or answers to medical questions or cures for your medical conditions. We are not physicians.