3 Tips to Help You Prolong “Good” Times With Lupus

Finally, after a rough return to symptoms five years ago after the birth of my son, I am feeling better. I have had lupus since I was 15 years old. It’s been 21 years. Over the last 21 years I have been un-medicated and on supplements. This is the third time in 21 years.

Do I think I will return with a flare at some point? I sure do. And research says the same.

Even When You Feel Good – Your Disease is Still Active
A recent Canadian study looked at patients with different disease activity levels over a few years. The levels ranged from mild to severe activity levels. Some were treated with milder medications, and some were treated with multiple heavier medications.

What they found over 11 years was that all patients still had disease activity. Even under treatment, and at all levels over the entire length of time. The study suggests we are still lacking control over the disease. We still need better treatments. Wouldn’t we all want that? I think we are all aware of the lack of effective, controlling treatment for our disease.

What Can You Do To Try To Prolong “The Good Times”
I hope you have experienced a temporary relief from disease symptoms. I hope there has been a time when you felt better. If you are early on in your disease, or just newly diagnosed, you may not have experienced this yet. It took me just over five years of high level disease activity to finally start to feel better. I received treatment and had my diagnosis, and it took five years to feel better.

Let’s focus on what we can do during the good times to try to prolong them:

Tip 1: Avoid overdoing anything
When I say anything, I mean anything.
I know I get all excited. My body is “cooperating” let’s get to working out the way we want – EVERY DAY! No! Don’t increase the impact or intensity of your workouts. You might push your body back over the edge. Keeping it low key, low impact, but daily is important. You want to maintain this lovely stability your body has found.

This goes for activities, weekend events and generally household duties. Think it’s time to ramp up your household “to do” list? I have done that. Time to paint the entire upstairs of my house! NO! Don’t do it! I have done that several times and sent myself over the edge! Keep maintaining. Keep your boundaries you always have!

Tip 2: Watch what you eat and research supplements

I have been writing for years about using supplements during good times to maintain your state of well being. I currently use evening primrose oil (have written about there here), flaxseed oil, thyroid health (written about my new experience here), and a multi-vitamin. In the past I have used Zyflammend and loved it. I currently do not need it with the regimen I am using, but would go back to it if I felt the need. I also used omega 3 fish oils. I have added the flaxseed oil (an omega 3), so I do not need the additional omega 3. I am not affiliated with any of these brands. I have used the products, and they seemed to help me maintain.

I researched and learned about supplements for lupus on wholehealthmd.com. I am not an affiliate of that site, I just personally enjoy using that site to learn about supplements. Of course, I am not a physician and this is not medical advice. You should always talk to your doctor before trying anything new.

Being careful not to consume foods that promote inflammation is important. Want to learn more about that – check out my post here.

Tip 3: SLEEP
Sleep is hard to come by. It’s even harder when you are finally feeling well and  want to increase your activities. You want to do things you don’t get to do when you are unwell. But, it’s so important to remember we need at least seven-eight hours of sleep. Making sure our bedrooms are quiet and comfortable is key. Muting the phone, or turning it off completely will help you remain asleep.

Turning off the TV earlier to take time to clear your mind helps. Try some meditation, evening yoga or a book. Televisions and electronics before bed, or in the bedroom, are proven to make it more difficult to fall and stay asleep.

These are three simple steps to take when you are feeling better to maintain your state of well being. They are useful even when you are feeling lousy with lupus. Good luck and let me know what you do to feel better, or maintain your good feelings!

Want to check out my favorite brands of supplements? Check out my brands page. I am an affiliate with amazon.com where I purchase all my supplements. I chose to be an affiliate to share the brands I love, not because I was contacted by the companies in any way.

Remember to always speak with your physician before trying anything new.