Make This Christmas Like Your First

The best thing about Christmas day is that it has finally arrived (for me). After a month (or more for some) of running around, planning, shopping, baking, decorating and anticipation of the day, it’s finally here. We can now stop all of the craziness and relax (and grab a beer or glass of wine!!) Although our holiday celebrations may extend a day before, and a few days following, the good news is that we are here and we are experiencing it.

Look around you this Christmas, and realize all of the really wonderful things life has to offer. Even if it’s as simple as you got out of bed today, you read this post and sat on your couch, you did it! Look at everything in a new way, a fresh way.

For my son, Christmas is brand new. Can you imagine that? This is his first Christmas. He had never seen the twinkle of a Christmas light, never seen a Christmas decoration, a Christmas tree, any of it. We need to take a step back and think about the holiday season like it’s our first. It’s magical, and we should be thankful for each and every little part of it, even the family hussle and bussle, and probably arguments! What would life be like without it?!

Celebrate the birth of Christ, or if you don’t believe, then celebrate your family and friends, or just celebrate your life. Whatever your belief, Christmas time is about many things, be thankful and enjoy it like it’s your first.