Naturally Healing Your Children

Here we are again – nearly 3 years later…Bubba is sick, and diagnosed with an ear infection and prescribed antibiotics. We are lucky our child has been able to clear most infections on his own, without any type of medication. We use oils, and teas, and allergy medications to keep his airways open to clear mucus on most occasions when it’s a problem. We don’t even usually go to a physician for illness with him because of our previous situation(s).

Family reading.When Bubba was 1.5 years old he was incredible sick (very similar to this) and was in a lot of pain, and we took him in. See previous post here

Here we are again… Bubba was very sick, in a lot of pain, and clearly had an infection. We went to the doctor, and he received a diagnosis of an ear infection and we were written our script. We tried again, in conjunction with high doses of probiotics, but to no avail, we have early signs of c diff. We have stopped meds and we will no longer bother in the future. It’s time to stick with what we usually do for him – natural treatments. (Please note: Each illness and situation for our child is judged based on his symptoms and needs and pain level. We always seek medical advice when we feel it’s necessary, but have learned that our child cannot handle antibiotic use. If a life-threatening situation were to occur we would use them of course).

We have him back on probiotics, mega doses, to try to get the c diff under control. In the meantime we also need to try to treat his ear infection. And he has developed an even larger fever than he had at the beginning, which could be from any of the 3 things that afflict him, his ear, the c diff, or his PFAPA fired up because of the high doses of probiotics.

So we know he needs probiotics for c diff… so we are on it. If his PFAPA is fired up, we will have to wait out that storm until his body is done fighting itself… so that leaves his ear infection and clearing out his head.


I have used a homemade decongestant oil on myself as well as Parker. I mix it myself, but this is a recipe I found online that is like what I do.

I started using this on Bubba’s chest and under his nose to try to open him up. I asked for some assistance from another mom I know who has experience in naturally treating ailments. She recommended neem oil, and garlic and mullein ear oil. These are both new to me and was so glad for her input!!

We also combine some traditional medications to ease with suffering and help open airways. We use a children’s loratadine to open the airways from any allergies that might be out of control, and we use acetominophen or ibuprofen to lower fever when it reaches a point where Bubba can no longer function. Usually about 102.  (Please remember our Bubba has a periodic fever condition and can fever up to 105, so it is possible our cut off on providing meds is related to how he functions and our personal experience. He can function rather well until 102).

Neem Oil

Neem oil has many uses, and is commonly known for it’s use in healing skin ailments, and use in skin care. It is also known for it’s antimicrobial properties. A few drops in the ear a day should help! You can read more information about neem oil by doing a simple online search.

Garlic & Mullein Ear Oil

There are different brands of this, but this is a combination that is made for the ear. The same procedure applies here – a few drops in the ear a day and the pain, and infection should reside over several days of treatment.

There are many brands out there for both of these oils. Your choice/preference can help you choose.

We just started this evening, and I am hopeful that these treatments help with recovery like the other natural treatments, and symptom-easers we use.

I hope this article may help you find a natural method to help your own child, but as always, it’s important to use this as an opinion and information, and to always seek medical advice from your own physician.