PFAPA, BRCA and Life

Although I rarely post something that doesn’t have an educational component, I find myself doing so again! I have been so busy with expanding some of my work, and keeping up with appointments and health-related issues in life… at this point I just want to add an update from here.

Bubba had a nice break from his PFAPA fever – a 52 day break! It was wonderful. He seemed to have grown and learned so much more, and he was truly a happy happy boy! It was such a relief and a wonderful time. When the fever returned it was brutal. Not only that – but relentless. Longer than it has been in the past – a return of what it used to be at the very beginning. His mood and recovery lasted a week after the fever ended. It was a difficult time emotionally for all of us. As a toddler in pain, with a fever, it’s difficult to communicate everyone’s feelings and needs. It’s hard enough on a normal day! We made it through with a prayer that we have another break before the next episode!

I had my BRCA testing done a few weeks ago and am awaiting the results. I also have an appointment for further consultation on the lump that was discovered that led me down the path of BRCA testing itself. I am not worried and am very glad that I am receiving the best medical attention and advice that I feel I can at this point!

My SLE symptoms have returned in full force, and with all the stomach complications from medication that I have had it has become a challenge to take all the medications appropriately and completely. Add some seasonal allergies and sinus problems and it’s just medication central! I think I have it under control and I am looking forward to easier days ahead!

I do plan on creating some blog posts of the other educational items that I have said I would get to! Until then…