Could supplements change PFAPA episodes?

Whether you are new here, or you have been following me a while, I want to share a story that in our particular situation has proven to make the difference in extending out episodes of PFAPA. If your child is undiagnosed or diagnosed with PFAPA or any other auto-inflammatory disorder you CANNOT miss this post.

Several years ago, in my own life, I learned about the benefits of increasing omega 3 and 6 (essential fatty acids) in my diet. These work with the inflammatory system in your body – the create an appropriate reaction system to heal your body when in proper balance. All I knew years ago is that they could possibly help with inflammation. I have been using evening primrose oil (this is just for adults here), and supplemented with straight omega fish oils as well. Over the years I have stuck with evening primrose oil, flaxseed oil, a multivitamin and some other herbal supplements for my sinuses.

How does this relate to PFAPA?

I decided if these fish oils helped me, why not try them on my son and see if they help PFAPA? I researched omega 3 and 6 supplementations in children, and it is encouraged. We are often out of balance between 3 and 6 here in this country (USA). Beyond that, I looked up B vitamin uses and deficiencies as I read about them in a supplementation article for kids to help them focus and learn at school.

I started my son on both of these supplements. His fevers spread out. I will also add here that we make our own body products, detergents, and soaps (lowering exposure to inflammatory chemicals), we make all of our own food, and we eat a very balanced whole foods diet from locally sourced organic farms. This food sourcing and preparation, and no packaged or processed foods is also essential to lowering inflammatory agent exposure.

What happened when I supplemented with omegas and B vitamin complex for my PFAPA son?

His fevers spread out and were virtually gone. I did NOT know that these supplements, combined with our behaviors made this change. I did this for years. I then thought, well they are money maybe I don’t need to spend. He is eating so well and has really added a lot of omega through salmon and other fish and seafood to his diet – so I stopped the supplements. Guess what happened? His fevers returned at the speed they had been earlier in his life – every 21 days. To the day. Again. 

I frantically looked at what happened… what changed? Diet had slipped a bit as I had a tumor in my arm that needed removal and we were pretty occupied with it, diagnosis, and quick removal. He was eating foods with family members he wouldn’t have at home. That must have been it. We recovered the diet, but still, the fevers persisted. What else had I changed? No product changes, nothing, then one day bam… I had stopped all the supplements.

I immediately ordered everything again and started back up. I also, at the same time, had enrolled in a functional nutritional therapy practitioner (FNTP) program certification. I started learning about the benefits of B vitamins and their use in the body. I started learning about essential fatty acids (omegas) and how they work in the body. 

Guess what I learned?

B vitamins help control fevers. Yes. SERIOUSLY! They have so many other ESSENTIAL functions, and likely your child is deficient in them. Almost all people are today – child and adult. (That is a post for another day).

Omega fish oils (in diet and supplement) control the inflammatory pathways. Pro, and anti. We need both, and they need to be balanced or guess what happens? When 6 is more – you are PRO inflammatory. The fight is on the inside. When you have omega 3 it is anti. It stops that pro process at the right time. When these two are balanced, your body is efficient in healing itself and responding to correct triggers for immunity – not false like autoinflammatory.

Supplement basics

When using a supplement, you need to keep a few things in mind.

  • It is not a medication. It assists your body through natural pathways and with elements that you already consume through diet and need in your body. This is not synthetic and takes time to respond inside the body. I have taken supplements and see quick responses as an adult, HOWEVER, it will take 6-8 and possibly 12 weeks (depending on your home products and diet) to see a response. (My son was about 8). All supplements take time in your body. That is because you are fixing an imbalance, or reactivating faulty or unused pathways with these items. They need time to correct.
  • Nutrition is first, supplements assist. This is an additional piece to a healthy diet and clean products. You are supplementing that type of diet and lifestyle. That means you need to feed your child, and yourself, a diet rich in all vitamins, minerals, fats, (yes feed your child healthy fats for God’s sake), proteins, and non-refined and non-starchy carbs. That means FRESH fruits, vegetables, tubers. You need to feed your child clean meat sources, fish like salmon (high in omegas and balanced because nature is good at that). Clean meat means, local, organic, pasture-raised animals. If they aren’t certified organic ask the farm practices and make sure they are pasture and grass-fed and finished animals. You need to get eggs from the same source. Pastured chickens. Chickens are NOT vegetarians – don’t make the mistake of thinking that type of feed is better for chickens. Why does it matter what the animals ate? Because you are eating them my friends! What they ate becomes what you eat.
  • Being mindful of your products, and everything in your home (cleaners etc) is important in controlling overall inflammation and that response in your body. We do NOT use any commercial cleaning products. We clean with Norwex cloths ONLY! We do use homemade non-toxic laundry detergent and homemade soaps from the same. Want to learn more on that – check out my store and my books.

Will this work for your child or yourself?

I can’t tell you that. What I can tell you as a (future) FNTP – we are all uniquely different in our biology. 

What works for my son may not control your child’s reaction because the pathway or deficiency or response might be different than my son’s. But what I can safely say is that giving your child a healthy balance of omega 3 and 6, as well as a B complex for kids will only enhance their health overall. 

I will share what I used here with you, and you are welcome to try it. It is NOT a cure, and like my story, clearly, when I take it away it changed EVERYTHING! I am happy to say that after about 8 weeks of the supplements we have skipped a month of episodes and I am feeling confident in what is working for him now. I truly hope that some changes help your child and family. 

I love Carlson Cod Liver Oil for kids. I also love Maxi Health Liquid B Complex. Your SOURCE is extremely important. Carlson is a very clean and trusted company and is recommended with my FNTP training. The Maxi complex I chose is also done clean, and no extra junk added in the kids don’t need and could provide problems. I also work with a brand called Biotics, and they offer a children’s line, as well as an adult line of very clean and safely sourced supplements. Your local generic store brand that costs $1 is not made the same, nor has the same quality as other brands and types. I can help you sort through this if you ask via email! I can recommend Biotics products through purchase with me as well, but we need to talk and determine what fits your imbalances and needs first! Email me here

Start with a supplement, and work on adjusting your nutrition, and your household products! If you could take it all away for them… wouldn’t you?

Please email me if you want to share your story, ask questions or speak with me about utilizing my FNTP practices to help you and your family get some balance in nutrition, blood sugar control, digestion, hydration, minerals, inflammation and more. 

If you would like some help with this process I am here for you! Please read more about my FNTP practice and services here. My goal is to help others regain control over their life again. As a (future 2020) Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, my goal is to help you identify fundamental imbalances in your body and health, and return them to an optimal state, using simple techniques and solid step-by-step protocols.