The Gut, Digestion and PFAPA

As I begin practice as a student FNTP I have learned so much about the gut, digestion and its influence on disease and symptoms. I have also learned most people have never considered their gut is in control (or not) of their disease symptoms. Let’s get into it!

Before I go any further, I want to share a resource with all of you that reinforces what I am about to share. I read this book after learning about these concepts in my FNTP coursework. It’s called Gut and Psychology Syndrome: Natural Treatment for Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Depression and Schizophrenia by Dr. Campbell-McBride. You may already be like – I am checking out this doesn’t apply to me or my child or children with PFAPA. BUT IT DOES! Keep reading this post.

Co-Existing Conditions
The first thing I want to mention here is that your child might actually have some of those conditions listed above along with their PFAPA. What I have learned is there is a lot of gut dysfunction that seems to have gone with my own son’s PFAPA.

At nearly 2 years old after one course (which we have never revisited the use only 2 other times for strep) of antibiotics, he developed c diff. This is a serious, life-threatening, bacterial infection of the digestive tract often caused by the use of antibiotics. This is highly unusual for a near 2-year-old.

I always assumed his gut just must have been compromised and never put too much thought into WHY (other than blaming myself for giving him antibiotics!). However, the more I have learned about the biome and the gut and the connections to our body the more I have put the pieces together.

My son’s PFAPA started at around 8 months old so he was already having fevers before his c. diff infection. Unfortunately, but fortunately, I guess, he refused the awful tasting medication for c. diff so we went therapeutic level probiotics and cleared him slowly of the infection (my own doing). The years following we also added supplements of b vitamins and fish oils. He took probiotics for a long time and we were able to spread the fevers out. I have talked about this in other posts and our successes (and failures).

Why do I talk about this now… because now that he is 9 years old and can help me track symptoms and look at behaviors we have located the issue, which aligns with this reference book above and we are targeting our diet and work and it’s WORKING!

What I Learned About My Son’s Gut
I used my FNTP questionnaire to ask my son questions about his gut, and I also answered some of them from the history I had for the remaining body systems. As an FNTP I look at the entire digestive tract, healthy fat use in the body, sugar handling, vitamins and minerals and the adrenals. We also see if there are symptoms in other body systems like bladder/kidney, cardio, immune and more. My work is targeted at the systems that show the most imbalance through nutrition, supplement and lifestyle changes. Learn more about it here.

My son’s gut showed the small intestine was in serious need of balance and support! I had a hunch based on what I had been learning about the gut biome and its connection to disorders. I will admit there is NO specific research on the biome and PFAPA (yet!).

We went after the gut! I now had a targeted approach. I knew for sure the dietary changes of eliminating most grains and focusing on tubers, vegetables, meats and healthy fats with nuts was the RIGHT THING! We had that pretty much down. Then we continued with the omega 3 supplement I have shared about, the B vitamin complex, but I added back in PROBIOTICS! I had him start with the children’s version I had on hand, and added in a therapeutic level from the line I work with. I also decided to add in some evening primrose oil with his omega 3 for balance.

** Be sure to talk with your child (or your own) physician before using any type of supplement. If you would like more specific information about this or to look at your own child’s system to see what is out of balance see the form below. You should not attempt to find correct dosage or supplementation without the help of a professional.

What happened?
No episode the following month (or since)! He has been eating better, less picky, looking forward to meals, as well as no symptoms of PFAPA! As ALWAYS, I am hopeful. Do I know FOR SURE – nope I don’t. But what I know is that any extended time without PFAPA episodes is a great time!

Tips to Help Your Child
Start with their gut. Eliminate processed sugars, refined carbs, and grains from their diet. Focus on vegetables, whole fats, butter, broths (homemade), and whole-food nutrients only.

Check out this post on why you should avoid processed foods. It applies to you, and to your child. BUT ESPECIALLY TO THEM! Check out this additional post about the most misleading things in the Standard American Diet (and even if you are one of my international folks, unfortunately, this SAD has spread around the world).

Be sure they are eating healthy whole food fat sources and healthy oils. Healthy fats are nourishing components for the brain, hormone, cellular development and more. The “no fat low fat” craze was not backed by legitimate science and has been proven to be false. So do not be afraid to find whole fat, healthy sources for yourself and your children. Watch your child’s immune system improve as well as yours! Need help with that – check out the graphic below.

Source: Nutritional Therapy Association

Learn about and discuss supplementing with your practitioner. It is essential to start with diet and lifestyle and get the best nutritional options available for your child (and yourself). This is where the real balance comes back into play. However, our children didn’t have a properly populated gut. As you will read in the resource book above, and learn from my posts, these kids didn’t get what they needed at birth for whatever reason. That means they will need to supplement to get healthy microbes for their gut from probiotics. They will likely also continually need other additional boosts in fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

If you would like to work with me as a practitioner – learn more here. I can help you with correct supplements for yourself or your child after a thorough intake. Want to schedule a consult, or appointment, click here. I do distance appointments via secure video chat and a login system for intake.

Think back about your child’s digestion, their gut, any incidents with it. Think about the frequency they have been treated with antibiotics… each treatment alters the biome and kills beneficial bacteria your child needs to function. My other site – has a lot of information on the blog about eating the way I describe above. Head over and see what is there for FREE. If you need specific help for your child check out my practitioner links above.

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