3 Ways to Get Balance with Food Sensitivities

One thing we hear about a lot today and see a lot of is food sensitivities. There is a reason, and we will get into that today, but even if you don’t think you have any, if you, or your child, has suffered from repeated ear infections, asthma, allergies, sinus infections, mental fog, daily fatigue, unexplained fevers and more, hidden food sensitivities might be it.

What is the deal with food sensitivity?

Many people are sensitivity to major food items, but just as many people and children are sensitive to food processing chemicals and agents. Everyone has a different reaction as well. Not finding these agents and removing them from your diet will eventually lead to digestive issues, autoimmunity, poor immunity and more.

How did this happen with people?

As our food has become more and more processed our bodies are rejecting these manmade food items. It is also sensitive to farming chemicals, pesticides, plastics and more. All of these things make their way into our digestive system through what we eat. 

Today people just take for granted that “everyone” has these problems. Most people (in America) eat the SAD (Standard American Diet) and it is filled with things that do not belong inside our bodies or digestive system.

What can we do about this?

The great news is that if you remove the offending items from your diet, focus on identifying all sensitivities with food, and eliminate and replace with whole foods that do agree with you, you can get control naturally over these issues.

You will suffer less symptoms of asthma, allergy, ear infections, sinus infections, better immunity and more.

Even things like headaches, migraines, inability to lose weight can be linked to poor digestive health related to food sensitivities.

What can I do to make this stop?

Well finding the offending agents, and where your digestive issues are is the first step. In nutritional therapy that is what I do. I assess the symptoms and I find the root cause of where digestively there is an imbalance and then what is causing that. In finding the location, we can narrow down, along with a food journal which helps me locate the foods.

There are also supplements, and different ways of eating that can relieve many of the symptoms and boost your gut and immunity! All these things can be identified and mediated with nutritional therapy.

What can you do to start RIGHT now?

• Eliminating common offending agents like Refined carbohydrates (e.g., added sugars, soda, white flour) Processed fats and oils (e.g., fried foods, hydrogenated vegetable oils) Other processed foods (e.g., fast foods, prepared meals) is a great place to start!

You can have things like a cup of coffee, tea, small amounts of dairy, eggs, and unprocessed oils like avocado, olive, coconut. 

• Increase and enjoy vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, fish and seafood, sprouted and whole grains, herbs and spices. These are all digestively healing, mostly non offensive to your body and provide loads of nutrition vs. the empty calories of processed foods.

• Look at the quality of your food, and choose it over the quantity you can purchase. America is the most undernourished, but overfed country in the world. Empty calories are the majority of people’s daily food habits. Purchasing a variety of free, local and organic vegetables and fruits is key. You want to purchase organic, free-range animals, pasture-raised and wild-caught. This increases the quality of what you eat and nutrients. 

Will this make you able to have everything to eat?

This is where it is tricky. Some things may stay sensitivities, and some things may not. If you have a true allergy and have been tested as allergic reaction to foods, those will stay out of your diet forever. Some sensitivities might be from already having a hyper immune system from initial issues. So some foods might be able to be reintroduced, but others will not. How to do that is something you should do with a trained professional in nutritional therapy, or a doctor who has some knowledge in this area. Paying attention to your food, moods and reactions is the first step in this process on your own or with a professional!

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