THE REASON Repetitive Fevers and Poor Immunity Keep Happening to Your Child

Have you ever thought to yourself, WHY does this KEEP happening to my child? What is wrong with their immune system? Why can’t it be fixed? Why isn’t anyone helping you?

You are right in your questions if so.

Your child’s immune system is not working properly.

Not many people want to help (BUT I WILL HELP YOU).

It can be fixed.

The WHY does it keep happening is PERSONAL to your child, but I know how to find your child’s WHY.

Let’s talk about the immune system.

Did you know that over 80% of the immune system is INSIDE your child’s gut? That is correct (adults too – that’s all humans). So what that means is that if you have a child with a struggling immune system there is over an 80% chance it is due to gut issues.

In my practice…


Due to the problem almost all lying inside the tract, it makes sense that the majority of the people I see have dysfunction there. This comes from poor quality foods, chemicals in foods, lack of nutrients due to processed food eating with no nutritional value and more. These things lead to gut barrier changes, they lead to microbe changes in the gut and much more. The problems start in the upper GI, and then travel south from there. Even in a small child, this is the reality of what is going on today!

What is happening then in that other 10-20% of the immune system?

There are other components in the body of the immune system. If proper nutrition is supporting those (they ALL need NUTRIENTS and proper food balance to work right) then we look at other influencing factors on a child’s (or adults) body. 

What would other influencing factors be?

Mold toxicity

Metals toxicity

Other environmental exposures – water, products, plastics and more.

How common is there to be a NON GUT influencing factor?

VERY UNCOMMON. Less than 5% of my clients. What this means is we start with food and proper nutrition. Why? NOTHING works in the body without it. This is what MAKES THE BODY WORK. Once we have established habits and routine, we work on the gut (or at the same time). The nutrients help that and we often need very potent targeted GUT supplements. This is determined at intake, and based on the symptoms (not a diagnosis) of your child on my extensive intake. Mostly when we get the food inline, and the supplements going in – we have success. The food and nutrition habits need to be for life to keep inflammation in check, and keep the gut healed. Remember, the habits from before and the foods from the past were what LED to the issues in the gut and immune system to begin with. If we put them back those problems come back. Can there be more tolerance of some items? YES! But will be ever be like before – NO.

If we do all these things and the child is showing signs of improvement but not total success we use the remaining symptoms to determine next possible causes from the environment for that last roughly 10% of the healing you want your child to achieve. There are tests for the gut and food inflammatory levels for the over 80%, and other toxicity tests for the remaining IF they are determined to be needed.

You might be really thinking – I am just not sure I believe her. Let me tell it another way. Have you been surfing around in groups and trying to talk to other with kids like this? And have you tried ALL of the CRAZY (and some WILDLY DANGEROUS SO I HAVE HEARD) things they said and had NO success? That is because of a few things. First, usually it’s just single things that don’t change anything except perhaps a food sensitivity. Second, they aren’t targeted at YOUR child’s problem. They are based on a collective bunch of NON PROFESSIONALS with no idea how the immune system/gut works, sharing ideas about THEIR child. But what I have learned is that I have yet to have more than one PFS/PFAPA client/child that has the SAME root cause. They are ALL different. Every single one. Do they all need nutrition support? YES and is it low inflammatory items/foods – of course, BUT the EXACT imbalances are WILDLY different.

You may be feeling frustrated then as you read this because you thought by reading this and going to a group and getting advice from others you would find the answer. Well, you might find a few things that help, but the answer lies in a very specific root cause for your child. This is ONLY determined by the RIGHT type of professional and done in a certain way.  I work as a NTP with you, and as an RWP to restore the gut health and immune system. It’s ONLY about your child or yourself. It’s not about what others do or have done. It’s about what your child presents to me with and how we address that together.

If you have had enough of trying to guess with no success, and are at wits end, I offer free consults to share more and see where you are at with your child’s symptoms.

In the meantime what can I offer you here today?

1. Your child needs water. I have found many children barely drink any water all day and in addition are often given sugary juices and drinks instead. They don’t need juice ever, nor any other beverage (including milk), other than water. Half the body weight daily is their baseline for function. If they are very active they need more, it’s hot out – they need more, they have a fever or are ill they need more. 

2. Get rid of all the packages and boxes. Yes that means breads and pastas. No more noodles of any kind. FOR REAL. It’s far beyond just gluten. Gluten is the leading cause of leaky gut today – it causes zonulin (a protein) to rise which leads to the barrier being opened in the gut. Other grains do the same thing. Need help sorting out what is OK and what is not? Let’s consult and see where we can go. Not only are the pastas not good, but as you can see I mentioned ALL packages and boxes. MOST packages and boxed items are filled with all types of inflammatory food items, as well as poor oils (also creating MORE inflammation and digestive issues). Eating whole fresh foods is where you start.

3. Balance out your child’s meals. This usually requires help from a professional. But really sit down and think about how many vegetables to my child eat daily? How about fruit? Are they overloaded on any ONE type of food? If so, how can you change that and balance it out? Are they eating meat? How about good quality? How about a variety daily? Or are they eating beef once a week or even daily but repetitively? BALANCE is where it’s at.

These three things are the start of the change you need because it’s about providing things your child’s body NEEDS in order to have proper function. If you aren’t sure what your child needs, let’s chat.