Q&A About the Future with PFS/PFAPA

Recent questions answered…

In my practice recently with another successful client, the questions (always) came up about whether there would be a return to previous habits and would this condition flare… and so on – so let me do a quick email-only Q&A for you on the most popular questions from my clients!

Q: When/will my child be able to return to wheat-based products?
A: Never regularly and in some cases never ever. If there isn’t a strong immune response measured on some of the tests we do together (if warranted), and after at least a year of gut healing, occasional wheat-based treats MIGHT be an option for some. However, each client that has pushed that to a regular wheat-based routine has had to return to me for a restart again. It’s just not an option for the immune systems of these kids regularly. This includes my own child. Any time he pushes the envelope he ends up with some symptoms, and a few times he has combined it with some poor choices (he is 12) in terms of processed foods and oils he has had a flare. Only a couple in over 4 years, but it can happen. Leading me to the next question…

Q: Will my child have symptoms or flare again after all this time with no flares?
A: Yes, despite what you might have been told and old research, this is a chronic condition. It is seen in adults as well now, not just youth, thus again showing this is chronic. It is a response to foods and the environment to the immune system that can happen with repetitive exposure no matter how old you are. If you are eating irritants causing immune reactions (after not caring for the gut) it will happen again. It may take more time if you have great control, but it can always happen again if you eat and do the things that caused the reactions to happen to begin with. There isn’t a cure.

Q: What if there is no fever but other symptoms?
A: This happens when the inflammatory load has been significantly reduced, but there are still irritants going in. OR it happens over time when things are much better but then reintroductions of wheat or other processed meats or products come back in. It is a sign that there are still irritants going in, and/or the digestive tract isn’t completely where it needs to be yet (or you lost some health of it from reintroductions of foods that can cause irritation). 

Q: When can I expect my child to have a completely normal immune system and no chance of this?
A: That isn’t a real thing. If this is your child’s diagnosis the best thing you can do is to get them trained and teach them how to eat and supplement properly to keep them flare-free. There will never be a time when you can just go back to all the things you did before we started together. NOBODY (any human) should be eating the things from before. They are damaging all people not just your child, your child just showed it early and very expressively. Remember the things that went on before were the things that CAUSED the triggering of the condition, so returning to them will cause the return of the condition again. 

Q: Can my child have a normal life though?
A: Yes what you learn with me is a lifelong way of eating & supplementing that will make your child very healthy. They will have a strong digestive tract, they will have strong immunity, but they have a condition that can flare if they don’t take care. 

If you read through these few questions and answers and you are just shocked into thinking “WOW, I can’t even imagine a place where my child would be so healthy these are the answers I seek,” please reach out to me. Get a free consult.