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We began this site to help other families, and individuals, get on a path to get an answer about their unknown medical condition. Why?

Kate, our founder, had lupus symptoms for seven years before she received a diagnosis and her son also had an unknown medical condition that her family was able to get a diagnosis for in just a few months. Both times, they were turned away from multiple doctors with no answers. They followed a clear, concise path that led them to their diagnosis and got them the answers they sought. As a nutritional therapy practitioner, Kate was then able to help her son end his episodes through her work.

Kate in a nutritional therapy practitioner (NTP), with an MSEd and BS in Health Education, and is also a certified personal trainer. She is here to help provide you health information, combined with tools and support to help you get organized and stay on track to get a diagnosis for your child. She has helped many families, and individuals achieve a path that got them a diagnosis for their conditions. Kate is also able to work with you and your family as an NTP. She can find the root causes of symptoms and help you adjust nutrition, lifestyle, and supplements to help yourself or your child feel better. Check out her services here.

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We offer FREE resources and tools on the site, and E-Books with all the tools combined. You can also visit Kate’s NTP site at Simply Mindful Wellness to see what she can do to help alleviate symptoms.

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