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PFAPA & Other Periodic Fever Syndromes

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PFAPA & Other Periodic Fever Syndromes
PFAPA & Other Periodic Fever Syndromes

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PFAPA & Other Periodic Fever Syndromes

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45-Page E Book. NOT A PHYSICAL BOOK. ONLY AVAILABLE AS E-BOOK DOWNLOAD. This book is about unique kids. Kids who live through periodic fever syndromes. It is meant to tell the real story about periodic fevers. It has research and information about the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of periodic fevers. However, this book is meant to tell you the true facts about periodic fevers. This book tells you about life with a child with periodic fevers. Let’s get rid of the incorrect speculation and misinformation out there.
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If you haven’t noticed, a trip to any doctor (except your specialist I hope!) can be confusing for your doctor and be frustrating for your family. Your child is so unique that doctors don’t even know what to say or do with your child. YOU are the expert when it comes to periodic fevers. If you aren’t an expert yet, you will become an expert with this book and time with your child.

You may be feeling alone, frustrated, tired and sad about your child’s condition. Me too. I feel that way all the time. Parker has had PFAPA since he was 8 months old. He is almost 9 years old now. Hope for a future without PFAPA pushes you along. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee it will happen. And depending on what periodic fever syndrome they have they may never outgrow it. This book is aimed at embracing your child’s condition. It’s about learning to live as fully and healthy as possible, even if the condition never goes away.

Even if you are unsure about what condition your child has, this book can help you. It can help you rule out PFAPA or consider it as a diagnosis. Don’t forget, no matter what condition your child has all of our children are suffering, repeatedly. We are all in this together. This book can help you connect and learn new ways to ease episodes.

What To Expect From This E-Book (meant for e-readers like Kindle):
Our family’s story of PFAPA.
Our journey to a diagnosis.
Symptoms, diagnosis, treatment while living with a periodic fever syndrome.
Tools & resources to help you track your child’s condition.
Tips about how we try to ease episodes.

What You Won’t Find In This Book:
A diagnosis for your child’s condition.
Medical advice about how to treat your child’s condition.


**If you want a pdf format of this book instead, upon completion of your transaction please send an email requesting the other format. Otherwise please use your e-reader to enjoy this book.

45 Page E Book.
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