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Our site is on a mission to help educate, guide, and support parents and individuals seeking a diagnosis for their child’s, or their own, unknown medical health condition.

We will empower you with resources, support, tools, and some organization to help you work with your physician to get a diagnosis. We are here to help you get on a path to get a diagnosis and receive the answers your child, or yourself needs. We offer a thorough, organized approach you can do on your own.

I can now work DIRECTLY (as an NTP) with you and your family to address root causes of your child’s symptoms and work toward resolving those symptoms with Nutritional Therapy (that includes those episodes and unexplained fevers). As an NTP my goal is to support your child, and your family, with nutrition and lifestyle adjustments that help control symptoms. There is more to it, and my job is to help you find the triggers and remove them. Get a free strategy session (online)! Choose child.

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NTP (Nutritional Therapy Services) – Have a diagnosis already but need help? Or even if you don’t have one, let me see what symptoms your child has and let’s address the root cause together! Check out my NTP online services. I can help you address the root cause of your child’s issue and alleviate symptoms. I offer FREE 15 minute strategy sessions. Please check out my wellness site to book your session here. Please choose the “Child” option (second one down), or the child PFAPA, PFS option if your child has this condition.

Read & Learn – Check out our blog for free timely information to help you on your journey for answers, or in dealing with your child’s condition.

Resources – Try our resources page to get all the latest tools and information to help you get a diagnosis.

Don’t see what you are looking for? Let me know what you want! Email me!

Our Story

We have been there! I personally suffered for seven years, including hospital visits and loads of doctor appointments, to continually be turned away with no answers. I started over again when my then 8-month old son showed signs of a periodic fever condition, PFAPA. I followed clear steps and used specific tools to find both of us a diagnosis. Using my books you can find here, you can work toward getting answers, or let me help you get your life back with nutritional therapy services as an NTP with me, where I can help you look at your child’s symptoms and address the root cause through nutrition, lifestyle and supplement support.


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